January 28, 2017
In case you missed them from stage, here are the winners from the inaugural ResolveTO:   Startupfest $100k Investment Prize: Intelocate On-Stage Pitch Prize: Beagle CBC Media Prize: Dash MD and Weave Got It Canada  Highline Beta: MedStack StartUP HERE’s Business BOT Challenge: Success.ai Mercedes-Benz with the DMZ: DataChilli, Visbrain and Beam Messenger  Fujitsu with the
In two weeks- Startupfest’s new project ResolveTO will combine the Fest’s unique vibe with the power of enterprise.   Spanning over three days, the content will be broken down into keynotes, followed by both a Startup and Enterprise track. The Speed Dating zone will feature prizes and opportunities like: – Startupfest’s $100k Investment – $25k for StartupHERE’s Business
When it comes to investment dollars- the more the merrier. So Startupfest is packing up their $100k prize, and bringing it to ResolveTO!   You do not need to apply for this prize, you just need to find the investor judges in the “$100k Prize” zone, and pitch to them. You have until 5pm on