Every July for the past six years, in the glorious summer setting of Old Montreal, Startupfest hosts a global gathering of the world’s most influential entrepreneurs, founders, investors, and mentors. Combining world class content with an unbeatable festival vibe- Startupfest is Canada’s largest startup event.


Early next year, for the first time ever, we’ll combine the unique energy and festival vibe of the global Startupfest community with the spirit of enterprise in Canada’s largest city. In one of the greatest cities in the world- Toronto, Canada- Startupfest presents ResolveTO.


ResolveTO will combine the trademark energy and attitude of Startupfest with this new enterprise thinking. It will bring together the best and brightest from startup and enterprise for a can’t-miss look at innovation, disruption, exponential growth, adaptive cultures, and emerging marketplaces. We’re resolving to transform ourselves, and business as we know it, in the face of radical, constant change on a global stage.


Startups + Enterprise = Strategic Innovation and Growth


Startups have an undeniable energy and tempo, unconstrained by convention, striving to innovate, designing and developing new ideas, disrupting traditional business and industries, and changing the world.


As the rate of change continues to accelerate, business cycles compress, technologies and customer demographics rapidly evolve. Leading enterprise companies are constantly challenged to become more entrepreneurial, to stay agile in response to changing markets, and evolve to attract and retain top talent.


Imagine bringing together the best people, ideas and practices of both startup and enterprise, to collaborate and share insights on innovation, disruption, fast company culture, and the digital transformation driven by the new millennial marketplace.


ResolveTO will bring together today’s great companies, the names you already know, with the rookies, the newcomers, the disruptors – as Steve Jobs put it “the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world” – to collaborate together on innovation, new ways to serve customers and grow, what works, what doesn’t and what’s new.


Why? What will happen? We never know. Partnerships. Customers. Financing. Acquisitions. Ideas. Projects. Change!


Startups- meet the most established companies of the international business community, and together let’s resolve to innovate, collaborate, and grow.


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