Nina Simosko / CEO, NTT Innovation Institute

The Lessons of Innovation Culture

Innovation. Everyone – startup entrepreneurs and intrepreneurs at global multi-nationals – have their own definition of what it means. Regardless of the multiplicity of definitions people and institutions may hold, there is a universal truth about innovation and that is: Innovation belongs to everyone.

Every organization of every size has the potential – and the need – to be innovative. Every organization has unique elements that nurture and others that hinder making this imperative real. And it’s not just about tech skills and agile processes. It takes the creation and nurturing of something uniquely human, the right culture, to create the space in which everyone has a voice and can be a creator.

While there is no magic formula for this in either the 2 person startup or the billion dollar corporation with hundreds of thousands of employees, there are some common attributes of places that both spark and fuel innovation. People. Ideas. Attitudes. Connections. Divergence. Convergence. They all play a role.

With these in mind, you can decide how to make them relevant and aligned with your own business and resources – and yes – your dreams.