Mike Lipkin / Founder and CEO, Environics/Lipkin

How to pitch your promise like a champion

The biggest challenge facing both an enterprise and startup audience is how to communicate their unique value proposition impactfully. The noise has never been louder and the distractions have never been greater.
There are so many priorities competing for our attention that we hardly know what to do and when to do it.
We’re magnetized to people who help us make sense of the chaos and guide us on how to achieve winning results.

Highly Effective Communication is the secret sauce of today’s Champions. It is the process of
sharing information and transferring emotions in such a way that others are motivated to take the desired actions.
Champion communicators say the right things and they say them in the right way. They inspire
and inform others in equal measure. They understand how to make connections and they walk their own talk.

As one of the world’s leading communication coaches, Mike Lipkin will share his core insights on how to persuade the most influential decision makers to literally buy into your vision.