Ben Yoskovitz / Founding Partner, Highline BETA

Disrupting Your Own Organization Through Startup Innovation

Large companies have incredible assets locked up within them, including talent, domain expertise, capital and distribution. The challenge is in unlocking those assets in a meaningful way to create new businesses, all while maintaining the core (for now!) Startups have assets too—they move quick, experiment and learn more, and address customers’ needs with little baggage. Here’s the reality: startups need what big companies have, and big companies need what startups have. Ben Yoskovitz, along with Dave Wattling, Chief Corporate Development Officer at TELUS Health and Chris Murumets, CEO at LOGiQ3 Group and Co-Founder at Cookhouse Lab, will talk about how large companies are leveraging startup innovation—without pretending they’re startups—to disrupt themselves and grow, while unlocking and sharing their valuable assets with startups more effectively.