In two weeks- Startupfest’s new project ResolveTO will combine the Fest’s unique vibe with the power of enterprise.


Spanning over three days, the content will be broken down into keynotes, followed by both a Startup and Enterprise track. The Speed Dating zone will feature prizes and opportunities like:
– Startupfest’s $100k Investment
– $25k for StartupHERE’s Business Bot Challenge
– $25k and acceptance into Highline Beta’s new program
– Free airfare and access to the Fujitsu World Tour for the startup to improve and customize Fujitsu’s retail experience
– Exclusive mentorship within the IBM Innovation Space for 6 months where IBM will provide direct business development and technology assistance to the winning company along with 24 hour access to the office with two free desk spaces
– Paid proof of concept, paid trials, or partnerships with the Globe and Mail and Thomson Reuters.


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Opportunities at the event aren’t the only opportunities to look forward to. The organized Roadtrips make the trip as exciting as the destination. If you’re coming in from Montreal or Ottawa, check out these amazing deals!